Jessi Admits She Cursed After Seeing HyunA And Dawn Kiss During “NUNU NANA” Challenge Clip


Rapper Jessi recently blessed fans with another “NUNU NANA” challenge, this time including her labelmates HyunA and Dawn.

The clip was shared on August 17, during the dance, HyunA and Dawn kissed, Jessi had the most hilarious reaction to their kiss. One of her followers on Instagram asked her if she cursed at the end and she responded with,

“Yes, yes.”

At the end of the challenge clip you can see Jessi mouthing ‘fuck,’ as Dawn lifts HyunA up in the air. Netizens are amused by Jessi’s hilarious reaction.

Check out the clip below:


  1. i feel like people are being careful with hwasa because of what happened to our precious sulli. with the amount of hate sulli got, she decided to end her life, no matter how hateful a person is i dont think anyone would want the same thing to repeat for a second time. but this is just my opinion. i love both hwasa and dulli, i was broken when i heard sulli passed away, and to suicide, no one deserves the hate, plus i’m really proud of both sulli and hwasa for choosing comfort over looks because queens slayed. r.i.p sulli angel <3 keep going hwasa queen. <3


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