Hongbin’s Last Post Before Leaving VIXX Gains Attention, Was He Hinting At His Departure?


Fans all around the world are shocked to learn that Hongbin has left his group VIXX after 8 years.

On August 7, his agency released a statement announcing that Hongbin wanted to withdraw from the group, and following discussions with him and the group, they decided to respect his decision to leave.

This comes after a vague statement from Hongbin the day prior. On August 6, through twitch community tab, he wrote a lengthy post hinting at his desire to return to streaming.

He was previously involved in controversy over his remarks regarding groups such as EXO, SHINee, and Red Velvet on a Twitch broadcast. This resulted in huge backlash, he apologized through an official statement and so did his agency.

Fans were happy last night with news from the idol who’s been away for a while.

On twitch community tab he wrote,

“I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to go live and play games with everyone, laughing and smiling.

While I was on a hiatus, there were lots of changes. I am still getting used to things. I don’t know what other changes are in store for me, but I hope to create broadcasts where people can laugh and chat comfortably.

I know I am still immature and I may fumble and make mistakes, but I will do my best so that everyone can enjoy my broadcasts.

I am sorry for making you wait for so long. See you soon.”

Fans now wonder if he was hinting at his departure from VIXX judging by the way he wrote the post, ‘there were lots of changes’ and such made fans wonder if he’s talking about the changes that came after he left VIXX.

What do you think of this?


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