f(x) Krystal Leaving SM Entertainment After More Than A Decade?


f(x) Krystal could be the last member of her group to leave SM Entertainment!

According to a new report, Krystal has left SM Entertainment and is preparing to join an acting agency. She has been a part of SM for over a decade and is the last member of her group to leave the agency, previously, Amber, Luna and Victoria left in 2019 after their contracts expired.

According to insider reports, Krystal is already in talks with several famous actor management agencies who sent her lovecalls after finding out that she became a free agent. She met with a couple of agencies, but still hasn’t decided on which one to move to.

It was also reported that Krystal wanted to release a solo album during her activities with f(x) and thus she’s looking for an agency who will support her plans to release a solo album in the future.

Krystal debuted as part of f(x) in 2009 and is currently active as an actress.

SM later responded to the reports confirming that Krystal’s contract expires in late August, but they’re still in discussions regarding her contract and nothing has been decided yet.

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