FNC Explain They Prevented AOA Members From Speaking About Jimin’s Bullying Controversy In Official Apology Statement To Mina

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For the first time since the bullying controversy regarding former AOA Jimin began, FNC has released an official apology statement to Mina; however, their apology was poorly received.

Two days ago, Mina was rushed to the hospital over what appears to be a suicide attempt; she called out FNC CEO, Jimin and Seolhyun and asked them not to attend her funeral.

On August 9, FNC Entertainment released an official statement addressing the controversy explicitly for the first time.

“We are sincerely sorry for causing concern with the many unfortunate events related to AOA, and we’d like to apologize for causing great worry and inconvenience. Above all, we hope that Kwon Mina, who is having a hard time, will quickly recover her health, and we extend our deep apologizes.

We apologize for the delay in the agency’s statement. We also deeply apologize for failing to carefully take care of the members’ relationship.”

They go on to explain that they hesitated about releasing a statement several times and that the members are well aware of the ‘criticism and misunderstandings’ against them.  

They stated,

“Despite the fact that we contemplated releasing our position, we decided that the recovery of Kwon Mina’s health is the top priority.”

This particular statement drew a lot of backlash and FNC followed that with an even more puzzling reply to the backlash the members have been receiving, they stated that explaining things publicly would only ‘produce more sensational issues and will not contribute to resolving the situation,’ and thus, they decided to discourage the members from posting about it even though they had stated their wishes to do so,

“We judged that showing each of their statements in front of the public and having quarrels over the statements would not resolve the issue the correct way.”

They added that they didn’t reply to Mina’s questions about Shin Jimin future plans because she wants to continue living as a non-celebrity. Regarding the payment issue that Mina raised through her post they stated,

“We have been closely following industry standards for settlement mentioned through Kwon Mina’s SNS, and if there are any problems, we will fulfill our legal responsibilities.”

They closed their statement wishing Mina’s a quick recovery and promised to work hard for a smooth resolution.

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