tvN’s “Flower Of Evil” is doing well this week!

According to Nielsen Korea, “Flower Of Evil” episode 7 scored average nationwide rating of 3.5%, comparatively better than its usual performance each Wednesday. Usually, the drama has been getting around 2% in ratings with its Wednesday episodes.

The good news don’t stop here, the drama has hit a new best-record with its 8th episode.

The 8th episode scored an average nationwide rating of 3.9 %, its best rating to date. “Flower Of Evil” ratings are on an upward trend and fans expect the drama ratings to rise even more with next week’s episodes due to the climactic scene at the end of episode 8.

Meanwhile, “Into the Ring” scored average ratings of 2.6% and 2.9% coming to an end this week. Next week, “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” will take over its spot.

Which Wednesday-Thursday drama are you currently watching?

My Personal Thoughts

“Flower Of Evil” is one of the best currently airing kdramas in my opinion. I believe it deserves so much better. 3% isn’t bad, definitely not for a cable drama, but with this acting, script and directing, the drama deserves 7% at least.

It could definitely become a similar case to JTBC’s “The Good Detective.” It started out with less-than-average ratings but has built a solid fanbase through the word of mouth and its ratings have been mostly on the rise ever since, it reached 7% with its 14th episode I believe.

I think if “Flower Of Evil” keeps up with this pace, it’ll definitely start doing better, but I don’t know how much better it’ll be able to do. I just hope it keeps rising. Everyone is doing so well and the drama deserves better.

My review of the 7th and 8th episode is coming shortly so keep an eye on the blog.


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