Fans Notice That BTS Jin’s Voice Completely Disappeared From “Dynamite” EDM Remix


It seems like Jin fans can’t catch a break!

A couple of days ago, some fans raised an issue with the fact that Jin’s screentime in “Dynamite” MV was basically nonexistent; he appeared the least out of all the members and sang very little. In response to the MV, fans trended hashtags and sent emails to Big Hit demanding they correct the mistake and do a better job at including Jin in future projects and MVs. Big Hit did not respond.

However, it seems that they have a new issue that adds to their frustration with the way Big Hit has been treating Jin.

On August 24, BTS released two remixes of their smash hit “Dynamite”. One is an EDM remix, the other is acoustic. Fans quickly noticed that the EDM remix doesn’t have Jin’s part. His part in the song, which was already very little, has disappeared in the remix according to various fans who listened to the track.

On the tweet where Big Hit shared the links to the EDM remix, the comment section was filled with fans expressing their frustration with the situation asking Big Hit to give proper lines to Jin and not exclude him from songs.

Some fans trended the hashtag #JinDeservesBetter on twitter, here are some of their tweets:

Big Hit has not addressed the situation yet.

What do you think of this?


  1. Jin my favorite idol… And tbh I don’t like it when bighit and others do not give jin what he truly deserves.. Jin is so talented.. and it makes me and the army feel like he is struggling.. This is absolute discrimination with such a great idol.. But don’t worry jin.. I’ll always support you and will be your huge fan……

  2. I think that the world being in the current state it is in for 2020, these kids need a huge reality ✔ check on far more important things. I WISH HALF OF SO. Korean BTS fans would come together and make the same amount of noise for women’s rights, gay rights, or the STARVING IMPOVERISHED SENIORS they turn a blind eye towards.

    • You can be a BTS fan/ARMY, and still fight for women’s rights, black lives matter, the LGBT community, senior citizens, unfair representation in media, and impoverished children, etc. Social issues aren’t exclusive, you know. Human beings ARE capable of multi-tasking and caring about multiple things at once. Just because we care about a k-pop idol, doesn’t make the other work we do, or fight for, any less important or possible. I’ve donated to multiple charities, attended protests, voted, served on multiple juries, spoke out against injustice (including this one), and am not ashamed to say I ALSO enjoy their music and want all the members to be treated fairly.

      So what exactly are “we” fans turning a blind eye to?


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