Why Does It Keep Happening To BTS Jin? His Lack Of Screentime During Dynamite Infuriates Fans

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Fans were upset after watching “Dynamite” MV for this surprising reason.

While fans were extremely happy hearing BTS new song, something didn’t sit right with them after they finished watching the MV, the lack of screentime for Jin.

While all the other BTS members had solo shots [to sing/rap] in the MV, Jin is the only member who didn’t have that. Added to that, Jin ranked last in total screentime with only 5 second out of 03:44 minutes.

K-ARMY are especially annoyed by this and his name began trending on Korea twitter [개인세트 (solo shot)] after the MV was released, fans were upset with the way Big Hit handles Jin and how little they give him a chance to shine, this also isn’t the first time this has happened.

Fans believe that Jin has way more potential and hasn’t had the chance to showcase his capabilities because of the way Big Hit handles him.


What do you think of this?

By Kevin Miller

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  1. I want to talk about JIN right in the live when they reacted to the dynamite mv and when it was to be a clip for JIN he was sad and me too, because I only saw him for six seconds, where are his rights? you just focused on jikook as for the rest of the members. Bighit please stop neglecting jin please stop this is enough right? bighit right? Are you understand bighit? Please stipe jin deserves main vocal rank I swear. Bighit please stop this is not the first time you did to jin like this and please love the seven members.

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