Fans Demand Better Line Distribution For BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Rosé After Seeing “Ice Cream” MV

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BLACKPINK’s newest hit track “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez dropped a couple of hours ago. Fans have been working hard streaming the song on all platforms to help it break records, however, one thing caught fans’ attention and it’s causing a heated discussion.

While fans expected the lines to be distributed somewhat fairly similarly to “How You Like That,” they were shocked to see that Jisoo and Rosé got fewer lines and screentime despite their position in the group.

According to popular YouTube channel HEXA6ON; who is dedicated to ranking line distribution for idol songs; this is the ranking:

Lisa received 38.8 seconds of lines, or 27.1% of the song.

Jennie received 29.6 seconds of lines, or 20.7%.

Jisoo received 17.6 seconds, or 12.3% of the song.

And finally, Rosé received just 16.2 seconds of lines (11.3%),

While the featuring artist Selena Gomez received around 28.6% of the lines which amounts of roughly 40 seconds. She is the one who got the most lines in the song.

Fans of Jisoo and Rosé claim that the lines were distributed unfairly and that the gap is too huge to be ignored. Despite the fact that Rosé is the main vocalist of the group, she got the least lines.

On the top of that, both girls also received the least screen time after Selena. Fans are upset that this is happening to Rosé and Jisoo and are demanding that YG pays better attention to the line distribution.

In related news, “Ice Cream” MV has surpassed the 10, 20, 30, and 40 million views in record speed, check out the records they broke here and here.

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