Fans Accuse Foreign Artist Lyta Of Plagiarizing GOT7’s MV “Just Right”


Artist Lyta is under fire by Kpop fans, specifically, GOT7 fans!

Lyta recently released a video titled “Hold Me Down.” The video begins with a female lead sitting in front of her vanity and a drawer suddenly starts shaking. The more fans watched of the MV, the more convinced they became that the MV was directly copying GOT7’s famous MV “Just Right.”

Fans began compiling evidence of the issue pointing out many similarities throughout the MV. “Just Right” was released in 2015 and has over 300 million views, fans wonder how on earth the artist blatantly plagiarized  “Just Right” without considering that fans will easily catch on to it.

Due to the fans comments, the artist turned off the comment section on the video, the ratings are still visible, over 141K fans have disliked the video. GOT7 fans also took to Twitter to trend the hashtag #ApologizeLyta, many posts point out the glaring similarities between the two MVs.

The artist has not taken down the video nor apologized for it. Fans are mass emailing JYP so they could take legal action if necessary.

Check out the two MVs and judge for yourself.

Do you think they look similar or not?


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