EXO Chanyeol Is Getting Backlash For Covering A Japanese Song…. Why?

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EXO Chanyeol has been getting some backlash for posting a cover of a Japanese song to his SoundCloud account, but why?

Recently, Chanyeol covered Yonezu Kenshi’s hit song “Lemon” on his instagram live, due to positive feedback, he uploaded the cover on SoundCloud. However, k-netizens took offense with the fact that he uploaded the cover of a Japanese song on the National Liberation Day of Korea, Korea suffered immensely under the ruling of Japan. On August 15, 1945, the U.S. and Soviet forces ended the decades-long Japanese occupation of Korea; the day also commemorates Victory over Japan Day.

Here is how netizens reacted to this:

Wow, his fans are shielding him…

A Japanese song….

How can you cover a Japanese song on liberation day?

You must’ve not seen celebrities constantly getting into controversy because of this, how can you not have thought this through?

I am disappointed in him

And more

Due to the backlash, Chanyeol has removed the song from SoundCloud, you can no longer find it if you search for it.

Fans on the other hand are sharing mixed reactions to this; some believe it was an innocent mistake while others are criticizing his choice of days to upload this cover.


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