EVERGLOW’s Agency Penalized By The Chinese Government For This Reason, K-Netizens Shocked

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EVERGLOW’s Agency Yuehua Entertainment has been reportedly penalized by the Chinese government on grounds of ‘national and individual defamation.’

EVERGLOW is managed by the Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment and has one Chinese member, Yerin.

According to the South China Morning Post, the agency received administrative punishment for having their Chinese member perform at the Korean military camp. Fans suspect it happened because the group performed for Korean military audiences in 2016 and in 2019.

The document issued by the Chinese government explains that the penalty received resulted because they committed ‘national and individual defamation.’ Yuehua Entertainment’s headquarters in China stated that they’re in complete agreement with the decision, but when the Korean branch was contacted, they didn’t issue a comment nor clarified the exact reason it happened.

K-netizens aren’t happy with the news and many of them asking why this is considered a crime if they’re a Kpop group that’s performing in South Korea. Many k-netizens are asking for Korean agencies to stop adding Chinese members to their groups. Meanwhile, C-netizens are furious with Yuehua Entertainment for making a Chinese member perform for Korean military troops.

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