Emergency Paramedics Sent To Kwon Mina’s House After Her Recent Self-Harm Post, Fans Deeply Concerned

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Kwon Mina most recent post has deeply concerned fans. Paramedics have been sent to her house.

Today, Kwon Mina posted photos of her bloody hand from harming herself, in the caption what she wrote deeply concerned fans, she talked about holding FNC CEO accountable as well as Jimin and Seolhyun, one of the most concerning lines she left was,

“I’m going to die and haunt you guys. I can’t live due to your evil.”

In a statement to Hankook Ilbo, Mina’s agency, Woori Actor revealed they contacted police and authorities immediately, Paramedics were dispatched into her house.

Right now, the emergency medical services are in front of her house. The agency staff is also on their way to her house. The agency is still trying to gasp the situation regarding Mina, no further comment is available.

UPDATE: Mina is currently getting treated at the hospital, her condition is alright.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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