CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa Reveals The Shocking Reason Lee Joon Was Kicked Out Of FNC

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa and Lee Joon appeared as guests on the most recent episode of “Knowing Brothers.” During the episode, they surprised fans by revealing that they were both labelmates at FNC Entertainment but Lee Joon was ultimately kicked out of the label.

Jung Yonghwa explained,

“I turned 20 years old and became an adult, so I wanted to go out for soju. Lee Joon Hyung and I went together to drink soju and eat samgyupsal at a restaurant, it happened that there was a staff member of the agency at the place.”

Jung Yonghwa knew they were screwed the next day when the agency asked them to come to the office, he added,

“I think Lee Joon hyung already wanted to leave the label. He kept telling me ‘yonghwa, let’s leave the place together.’ He kept telling me that but I told him, ‘hyung, I have nowhere else to go I came all the way from Busan.’”

Lee Joon ended up leaving first, Jung Yonghwa froze there and considered his options when the director saw he was still there, he said, ‘you seem like you actually want to continue, work hard in practice starting from tomorrow.’

Lee Joon revealed that he waited for him after leaving first but he never showed up.

You can check out the clip below:

Are you surprised to learn this?

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