Celebrity Makeup Artist Explains Why Kim Soo Hyun’s Makeup Was The Easiest To Do

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We have more proof of how naturally stunning Kim Soo Hyun is!

A YouTube channel called AYO recently held an interview with celebrity hair designers and makeup artists Shin Ae and Seo Yoon, they answered comments from netizens asking about their fav idol makeups and more.

When asked ‘who was the easiest celebrity to put makeup on?’ Shin Ae chose Kim Soo Hyun in a heartbeat. She went to explain how naturally stunning he was saying that he already looks perfect that there wasn’t much she should do.

“He has nice skin. His eyebrows are pretty. It was already ready before I did anything.

There was not much to do, for real.”

Kim Soo Hyun is known for his flawless skin and face among fans, he always looked amazing even in photos taken with fans on the go, a proof of how good looking he is in real life. According to the same makeup artist, Kim Soo Hyun was one of the most naturally beautiful celebrities she’s worked with.

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You check out the interview below, they talked about many other idols including IU and Oh My Girl.

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