BTS V Excluded From “Break The Silence” Cast List, Fans Trend ‘BTS Is 7’


BTS V has been excluded from promotional material for his group project, again, and fans aren’t happy about it.

On August 13, Big Hit Entertainment released the first trailer for BTS’s fourth documentary film, “Break the Silence: The Movie.” As previously announced, the movie will hit theaters on September 10.

It will hit many theatres including the popular chain AMC Theatres. However, ARMY stumbled on something that infuriated them while going through the movie on AMC’s official website. They found out that V’s name was not included in the cast and crew section, he’s the only member of his group to be excluded from the cast ensemble.

Despite the fact that he was included in the movie description, he was not included in the cast names section which infuriated fans. ARMY responded by trending “BTS IS 7” on twitter, the reason fans are upset is because this isn’t the first time V was excluded from promotional material for his group, this issue happened a couple of times across the years and ARMY have grown to hate it when it happens.

The fandom is demanding that AMC correct the issue. “BTS IS 7” also included many posts by ARMY showing love and appreciation for V affirming that BTS is 7 and only 7.

Check out some of their tweets:

What are your thoughts on this?


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