BTS V Achieves The Impossible On Japanese Top Songs Chart With His Solo Hit Track “Sweet Night”

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BTS V continues to be a trend-setter and a record-breaker with his solo track “Sweet Night.”

Back in July, “Sweet Night” became the track with the most No. 1s on the iTunes Top Songs charts around the world with 105 countries topped at the time. It has gone up even more since then.

On August 1, “Sweet Night” hit No.1 on Japan’s iTunes Top Songs chart. BTS V became the first Korean artist in history to top the songs chart with a non-Japanese track. It is well-known how extremely difficult it is to top Japan’s iTunes Top Songs chart with a foreign track that is not promoted in Japan.

As of August 2, “Sweet Night” has topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in a total of 114 countries and that includes 8 of the 10 major music markets around the world. BTS V has also become the first Asian soloist to hit No.1 in all major iTunes music markets.

Note: the 10 major music markets around the world are United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. iTunes doesn’t service music in the two other markets South Korea and China.

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Congratulations to V!

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