BLACKPINK Lisa And Jennie Attacked With Hateful Comments By Solo Stans And Imposters, Why Is It Happening?

BLACKPINK Lisa and Jennie are currently getting severe hate from international fans/imposters and we’re here to talk about why this is happening.

A couple of days ago, BLACKPINK dropped their highly anticipated collaboration with Selena Gomez. The new song “Ice Cream” has been breaking records left and right but the fans’ celebration was tainted by in-fandom fights.

Previously, many fans raised issues with the fact that Jisoo and Rosé got little lines in the MV. This in turn directed hate towards Jennie and Lisa who got the most lines in the song even though the members have no control over who gets the most lines.

If you go to Jennie and Lisa instagram accounts, you’ll notice that they’re being bombarded with people asking them to leave the group. Fans have been trying to overshadow those terrible comments by spamming positive comments so the members wouldn’t see the hateful terrible comments.

It’s being speculated that solo stans are behind the attack, others believe that the ones spreading hate are people who dislike the group and are cosplaying as ‘fans’ to attack Jennie and Lisa. Some believe that Lisa and Jennie solo stans are attacking each other in the comment section.

Check out the screenshots below:

(Credit of the first three goes to fansdramaw)

More screenshots:

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1 thought on “BLACKPINK Lisa And Jennie Attacked With Hateful Comments By Solo Stans And Imposters, Why Is It Happening?”

  1. They are all mad . They are writing these negative comments because they are jealous , and they cant able to sing a perfect line that’s why they are hating lisa .. Cammon guys , she is a rapper and a dancer , if anyone is a rapper then how can she sing vocal lines ..
    She is an awesome rapper and dancer , and even jennie is also a rapper and vocalist …
    Please love them..
    Blackpink is the revolution❤❤


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