BLACKPINK “Ice Cream” is doing extremely well on YouTube!


BLACKPINK “Ice Cream” has reached 50 million views!

As of August 29 KST, “Ice Cream” reached 50 million views; it took the MV 12 hours and 29 minutes to reach that record. However, the MV didn’t break “How You Like That” record; this MV reached the same milestone in 11 hours and 25 minutes.

Stay tuned for more updates on the records “Ice Cream” MV will break next.


On August 28, BLACKPINK released “Ice Cream,” their highly anticipated collaboration from their upcoming first full-length album. “Ice Cream” features American singer Selena Gomez.

The MV has previously broken many records surpassing 10, 20 and 30 million views in record time; BLACKPINK “Ice Cream” had broken many records set by “How You Like That.”

The MV has recently surpassed the 40 million views; it took it 8 hours and 50 minutes to do so.

The record for the fastest girl group MV to reach 50 million views is held by “How You Like That,” sadly, “Ice Cream” was unable to surpass that, it took “How You Like That” 8 hours and 37 minutes to reach the same milestone, “Ice Cream” is now the second fastest girl group MV to surpass the 40 million views mark.

BLACKPINK “Ice Cream” has also recently surpassed 5 million likes on YouTube.

Have you seen the MV yet? do you like the song?


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