American Artist Accuses Seventeen Of Plagiarizing His Song “Cupid Shuffle” For Their Hit “Left And Right”

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American artist Cupid has revealed in a series of tweets why he believes that SEVENTEEN and Pledis Entertainment plagiarized his famous song “Cupid Shuffle”.

On August 14, the artist shared a bunch of tweets explaining his situation and why he believes his song was plagiarized. The song he’s talking about is “Left & Right” and he believes that parts of it were taken from his 2007 hit song “Cupid Shuffle.”

In one of his tweets, he shared the similarities between his song and SEVENTEEN’s song. In another tweet, he explains that he attempted to contact the label to no avail.

He also shared that he feels like Kpop artists are taking advantage of his ‘our culture,’ he is African American so fans believe that he’s referring to black culture. This point has been wildly discussed among international Kpop fans in recent years.

He says he wants to be compensated by Pledis.  

Some fans understand why he came to this conclusion while others are attacking him in the comment section of his tweets accusing him of using SEVENTEEN for clout. There are also fans who are massing emailing Pledis Entertainment about the issue hoping they’d respond soon and settle the problem.

Pledis Entertainment has not issued a response yet to these accusations.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Pledis admitted to Plagerizing before and it seems they are guilty again… Left Right sounds EXACTLY like the Cupid Shuffle… Had they not copied it, they would have responded by now; I posted the link of their last plagiarism scheme! May 2020 Pledis nearly went bankrupt and had to get investors to hold them afloat.. if Seventeen fails they fold and they needed a guaranteed hit to secure them financially… what bigger hit than “Cupid Shuffle” Sad they have to steal to make hits. No one really has anything good to say about Pledis…

  2. I’ve listened to both tracks multiple times and I am not even a fan of both. It just so happens that this issue turned up on my youtube feed. And honestly, except for a few beats and the left and right words, I don’t see nor hear any resemblance at all. Perhaps I’m wrong and perhaps YOU’re wrong. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and just see how this will play out. Words that we say are words that can never be taken back, and any accusation that will be proven false will merit a libel case. Let’s not jump into conclusions, even scientists have ways of coming to a theory. Let’s all not be smart asses and just wait for both parties to fix this in their own time and in their own way.

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