A Ukrainian Rapper Complains About Big Hit Deleting His Song After Fans Called Him Out For Allegedly Plagiarizing “Daechwita”


A Ukrainian Rapper who goes by the name Alllex Black is under fire for his actions!

The rapper released a song called “10K” that fans found to be eerily similar to BTS Suga’s hit track “Daechwita” which was released earlier this year. Fans immediately contacted Big Hit regarding the issue and it was revealed that the rapper received a warning from the label; his song is nowhere to be found on the internet.

In an instagram post he shared an email he had received about the song being taken down by Big Hit. He went on to make a video about it on YouTube; the video is titled ‘Big Hit Labels – BTS Deleted my track 10 K.’ He claims that he bought the rights to the beat and wrote his own lyrics.

Fans claim that after he got called out, he changed the title of the song into a ‘cover,’ but the song was ultimately deleted. He made his instagram account private since the incident and the video of him talking about the song has way more dislikes than likes, many ARMY left comments on his video criticizing his behavior.


One fan account made a comparison video between the two tracks, you can check it out below:

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