2PM Nichkhun Files For A Restraining Order Against Stalker, JYP Promises An Even Stricter Response


2PM Nichkhun joins the list of the few Kpop idols who formally filed for a restraining order against a sasaeng (stalker so-called fan); the stalker woman has been following him for a while.

News outlet News1 reported that according to legal circles, the Seoul Central District Court held the first questioning date on August 5 for the request he had submitted to court.

The court listened to statements from the woman (referred to as “Kim”) and Nichkhun. The court decision will be made after they go through their statements. The request was filed a month ago on July 6.

A source from JYP Entertainment told News1 that they’re also considering filing a criminal complaint against her and will do their best to take strict action and show no leniency. JYP also added that Nichkhun is under a lot of mental stress due to her stalking and it’s at a severe degree.

Nichkhun fans are happy he’s taking stricter action against the woman and hope that more idols follow suit and also file lawsuits against those who continuously stalk them.

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