Will BLACKPINK Next Song Feature Ariana Grande? Here Is Why BLINKs Think So


Guess who’s coming back again?

On July 23, YG Entertainment dropped the first poster teaser for BLACKPINK’s new single set to be released this August. If you remember, BLACKPINK’s comeback will be split into three parts with two pre-release singles in June and August before the official first full-length album release in September. The new teaser is the second step of the comeback.

The teaser poster hints at a featuring artist, for now, fans have no idea who it could be, but soon fans began to try and guess the featuring artist identity. Some fans thought it would be BIGBANG Gdragon since he was previously seen on a live broadcast with Jennie and the rest of the members in the recording room, however, soon another theory emerged.

Fans believe the featuring artist is Ariana Grande and the proof? For now, she liked Jennie’s photo of the comeback teaser and she now follows BLACKPINK’s official instagram account.

In addition, people who closely worked with Ariana in the past were also seen liking BLACKPINK’s comeback posts.

What do you think of this fan theory? would you like them to collaborate?


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