The Controversy Surrounding Songwriter Melanie & Why ARMY Believe She’s Taking Too Much Credit For Writing BTS V Hit Track “Sweet Night”


There is currently discord between ARMY and Songwriters Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz over the rights to BTS V smashing hit “Sweet Night.”

Recently, BTS V “Sweet Night” became the song with the most No.1s on iTunes breaking Adele’s and BTS’ record as well. “Sweet Night” was released as the OST of the hit kdrama “Itaewon Class” and broke so many more records as well.

According to, the song credits stated:

Written By

Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, Melanie Joy Fontana, ADORA, V (BTS) & Hiss Noise  

The issue began on July 14; Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) uploaded a photo of Fontana on Instagram, highlighting her work on the song after it broke the recent iTunes record. Fans didn’t react to that well and the post was deleted due to the heavy backlash.

ARMY believe that Melanie is taking too much credit for the song and things escalated after some back and forth between ARMY and her, Schulz (her husband) and her manager. Schulz commented on a post on instagram claiming that he and Melanie wrote “every single word in ‘Sweet Night’, adding,

“By request of the label and V himself. You have no business harassing Melanie.”

Melanie then made matters worse for herself when she posted to instagram a couple of videos addressing the backlash and the amount of hate she got because of this, she said,

“Ever since Universal Music posted about my participation as a lyricist on ‘Sweet Night’ by BTS’ V, I have been getting a lot of hate. Every 20 mins or so I have a 100 messages in my inbox.”

Then she said that ARMY shouldn’t get too defensive since BTS don’t really know them which caused her immense backlash,

“You’re being protective of a person who doesn’t know you, a person who may love you but a person that really doesn’t know you and doesn’t need your protection, there’s no point.”

Her manager also jumped to her defense in a DM exchange with a fan, he says “Sweet Night” was a group effort and that the songwriters “all added value towards the final outcome of the song.” He also called out ARMY for bullying and harassing Melanie.

However, the manager response only fueled the fire even more and what’s weird is that he says they sent the song in English and it got translated into Korean, the song is in English. Read the DM exchange:

ARMY then decided it would be best to email Big Hit about this hoping they’d take action and clarify what exactly happened.

BTS V had previously spoken about writing the song and the effort that went into it. You can watch him talk about it below:

What do you think of this issue?


  1. I think you should include the comments by her manager where he threatened to kill n murderer BTS fans there’s plenty of receipts for it all over Twitter and he also made sexist comments about women saying that he didn’t understand why women walk around with shorts so short all kinds of misogynist statements. And then you probably ought to include the receipts from the racist things that Melanie said also. Also helpful to know is that Melanie never claimed credit for a song that she wrote with Britney Spears team she called it our song but when comes to a Korean artist all the sudden she says it’s her song. boy with love is her song and sweet night is her song. Flat out Melanie’s a racist her husbands are racist and her manager is definitely mentally deranged.

    • She is evil and the more she talks, the worst Melanie makes it for herself. And others coming to her defense, saying she wrote every single word doesn’t help. I guess it is okay for some to defend her, but not the opposite may. So she is also a Hippocratic too.


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