Why A Photo Of B.I Running In The Rain After Giving His Umbrella To A Fan Has Gone Viral

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Former iKON member B.I is in the news for the sweetest reason ever!

One netizen revealed a heartwarming story about B.I on twitter recently and the story has gone viral. A fan had posted the story to social media and another fan shared on twitter.

In her post, she explains that she met B.I on the street coincidentally; she explained says she was travelling with her friend to Gimpo when she spotted a man wearing a bright yellow shirt. She saw his bracelet on his arm and after looking carefully she thought he might be B.I.

She says that she ran towards him and mustered up the courage to ask if he’s Hanbin, when he turned around she realized that it was indeed him.

She says she cried when she saw him and he comforted her telling her not to cry and gave his umbrella and told her,

“It’s raining a lot and it’ll be really bad if you get caught in the rain. Please use this umbrella.”

She didn’t want to take it but had to after he insisted, lastly, she shared that he told her this heartbreaking thing,

“Don’t cry and I am sorry. Travel safely!!”

The story has gone viral for being so heartwarming and beautiful, fans shared their happiness to hear such happy news from B.I who has been inactive since his marijuana scandal.

What do you think of this story?

Note: Image on the right source goes to: @still131fan

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