Video Of Former AOA Member ChoA Saying Jimin Would Hit Her If She Didn’t Say She Was The Best Leader Resurfaces

Fans have been digging up past videos of AOA members to see if they were alluding to Jimin’s real nature and they have found plenty of videos.

Following the bullying controversy, Jimin exited AOA and the entertainment industry, however, fans’ anger is still felt and they’re demanding that FNC and Jimin take more responsibility for their actions as they feel their statements and actions didn’t reflect that.

Fans also began speculating why former AOA members had also left, fans found out that ChoA for example follows every AOA member on instagram but Jimin.

A video of ChoA praising Jimin recently resurfaced. It’s from Mnet’s variety show “4 Things Show” and during the interview, ChoA said that the members are on ‘good terms’ with each other. She also said that all the members are nice people and stressed that ‘Jimin takes care of all the members younger than her. She tries to listen to each member, she’s the best leader.’

ChoA then jokingly added,

“If I don’t say this, I will get hit by Jimin,”

She laughed with the rest of the members afterwards. Check out the video below:

At the time, fans found it funny but now they’re looking at it with from different perspective. Fans wonder if ChoA was hinting at something else.  

ChoA left AOA in 2017 due to depression and insomnia.

What do you think of this?

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