TWICE Nayeon Receives Death Threats, Fans Ask JYP To Protect Her

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TWICE Nayeon has recently received death threats and fans are seriously worried about her!

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On July 1, one Facebook page by the name “Death is the key” posted about wanting to kill Nayeon. The Facebook page was oddly verified for some reason and had over 24,000 likes.

The page posted,

“Guys, support us, we will gonna try to kill Nayeon. We admins, will meet at 205 Gangdong-daero, Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea. And try to find them.

Hope u support us. Death is near, Nayeon!”

When fans attempted to get the bottom of who the admins might be, the Facebook page admins locations stated that they were from Beijing, China.

The Facebook page is now gone but fans are still deeply worried that the message could’ve been actually real and not from a troll account.

Fans began trending #ProtectNayeon on twitter and have been mass-emailing JYP Entertainment about the death threats and are waiting for their response.

This ties to something that had previously happened in relation to the infamous Nayeon stalker. An alleged voice recording of the stalker was posted online back in March and he can be heard saying,

“This is a life and death situation in which me and Nayeon might die soon. and this is not a joke. Me and Nayeon might die soon if she keeps ignoring me and if the fake news brain wash her. Then I give up and then what happens is, we both die. We will be dead and people don’t understand this.”

The stalker is allegedly alluding to the fact that he won’t leave Nayeon alone if she keeps ignoring him. Fans are growing increasingly worried about the threats looming over Nayeon.

To all once, you can report this to JYP at [email protected]

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