tvN Variety Show Issues An Apology After Implying That EXO Chanyeol Has F*Cked Sense On A YouTube Video

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tvN has gotten itself into hot waters with EXO fans after a recent YouTube thumbnail went viral.

On July 25, EXO Chanyeol, Kai and Baekhyun appeared on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” which features guests listening to song lyrics and writing them down as accurately as possible. Clips from the show usually get uploaded later to one of tvN’s YouTube channels.

The YouTube channel of the show got itself into trouble when a Chanyeol video thumbnail implied that he had fucked sense. The exact text reads ‘the maximum level of difficulty, Chanyeol the diction king with sense like “jok.”’ The word “jok” is often read to mean ‘fucked.’ The sentence is basically implying that his sense is fucked.

To the community tab of the YouTube video, tvN issued an apology to the viewers, in their apology they explained that the video editing team of the show aren’t the same one who is responsible for editing the thumbnails for the YouTube videos. This is done by the ‘clip business team,’ and that team made a mistake and their thumbnail wasn’t validated before it was published.

They apologized to EXO Chanyeol who was harmed because of this, and also apologized to the viewers and the variety show team who were shocked by it as well.

As a result, the video was made private, and tvN promised that they will work hard so such a thing never happens again.

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