This Female Idol Stole A Jacket From An Idol Boy Group, And Now She’s Getting Sued By Her Label

Solo artist Minty is getting sued by her entertainment agency, a new Dispatch report reveals.

On July 21, her agency CoronaX Entertainment revealed that they have filed a lawsuit against Minty for ‘misappropriation.’  The agency stated that Minty acted as the stylist of this boy group, AboutU, snuck into their practice studio and took the leather jacket. The idols wore those during their debut days and she was caught doing that by CCTV.

Initially, Minty is said to have denied the allegations but later changed her argument after seeing the CCTV footage, she later claimed they were rented and had to be returned.

No receipt of purchase was found for the jacket in question and the label concluded that Minty was lying. The two parties settled but the agency claimed they proceeded with the lawsuit back in May.

Former AboutU member Victor Han was also captured leaving the room with a box, but it was difficult to confirm he knew about Minty leaving with the jacket. The agency stated that he’s been added as a testifier in the lawsuit.

Minty was previously embroiled in controversy after it was revealed that she lied about her age by 10 years while competing on Mnet’s “High School Rapper 2,” she has since apologized.

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