The Boyz Sunwoo Apologizes For Posting Photo Of Himself Holding A Cigarette On The Beach, Agency Also Issues An Apology

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The Boyz Sunwoo got himself into trouble with his recent post on twitter.

On July 9, The Boyz Sunwoo posted photos to twitter that ended up causing a heated debate online. In one of the photos, he was holding what appears to be a cigarette in his hand while wearing a mask.

Fans began debating if the he was indeed holding a cigarette or not and whether he smoked in a banned area. The photos were taken on the beach and according to Korean law, smoking in all domestic beaches was banned back in 2017.

Fans began debating why Sunwoo posted a photo that could potentially affect his group image. The photos have since been deleted from The Boyz official twitter account.

The photos:

Both Sunwoo and his agency posted long apology letters to fans to the fan café. They didn’t utter the word ‘smoking’ or ‘cigarette’ but admit Sunwoo broke regulations and is repenting.

Cre.ker Entertainment apology came first, they apologized for breaking regulations in public spaces and for worrying fans. They stated that Sunwoo and his fellow group members realize their wrong actions and will self-reflect. They wrapped up the apology promising something like this won’t happen again.

Sunwoo’s apology was a lot longer. In his post, he apologies for his ‘wrongdoings,’ and for breaking ‘regulations while in a public space.’

Sunwoo says he feels ashamed and has no excuses for his fans, he apologized over and over again for his actions.

Do you think this deserves to become a controversy?

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