On July 11 episode of “Knowing Brothers,” Sunmi was among the guests. During a segment of the show, Sunmi had the cast member guess why 500 people suddenly unfollowed her on Instagram.

She gave a hint, she said,

“It’s not my photo, I posted someone else’s photo and suddenly 500 people left.”

To that Shownu guessed,

“You posted a family member photo and fans thought that it was your boyfriend so they unfollowed you,”

Seo Jang Hoon then guessed,

“You posted a picture of J.Y Park, and suddenly lost 500 followers.”

Sunmi answered with yes, and explained,

“To be honest, I posted a photo to support his new song ‘Fever,’ and then suddenly 500 people left.”

Sunmi also added that she didn’t delete the post, and that J.Y Park apologized to her in a comment because of what had happened.

You can check out the clip where she talks about it below:


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