Conflict Between Big Hit And MBC Intensifies After Source Music Confirms GFRIEND Won’t Promote On MBC “Music Core” + “Music Core” Responds


GFRIEND will not be performing on MBC “Music Core”!

On July 14, GFRIEND’s agency confirmed that the group will not be promoting their most recent comeback on MBC’s “Music Core.” The group hasn’t performed on the show since they were acquired by Big Hit back in 2019.

This dates back to the rumored conflict between MBC and Big Hit which allegedly began in 2018 and was noticed in 2019 when BTS didn’t appear on their end year festival due to overseas schedule, none of the labels’ artists appeared on MBC’s music shows ever since.

The same issue was raised not too long ago when SEVENTEEN dropped their comeback album; Pledis also revealed that they won’t be performing on the show. Big Hit became the largest shareholder of agency Pledis Entertainment in May and it seems that the issue now extends to every artist under Big Hit’s umbrella.

Following the news and backlash from fans, MBC’s “Music Core” issued a statement claiming that GFRIEND invited the singers to perform on their show and stated that they’d love to have them on their show.

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