Rapper Jessi’s Opinion On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Dancing Skills Will Have You Nodding In Agreement


Rapper Jessi had this to say about BLACKPINK Lisa’s dancing skills!

Jessi recently went live on instagram to chat with fans, when one fan asked her on her thoughts regarding Lisa, Jessi had the best response, she said,

“I don’t really get to see her, but I don’t really see much people. But… I think she’s one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen.”

She also talked about how Lisa excels in different forms of dances, she said,

“There’s so much different types of dancing. Everyone has their own preferences. But, the way she dances, though? God d*mn, she’s a f*cking good dancer, yo.”

Fans love hearing Jessi’s perspective on idols and the entertainment industry, she’s known for being savage and for sharing her honest thoughts about whatever is going on in the K-entertainment industry.

Fans and nonfans agree with Jessi and think Lisa is one of the best generation dancers.

You can check out the segment where she talks about Lisa below:

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