Person Who Accused APRIL Naeun Of Being A School Bully Admits She Spread Fake Rumors And Apologizes

APRIL Naeun was embroiled in bullying controversy last night, when a netizen (hereafter referred to as “A”) accused her of bullying them in a post on an online community.  They asked for an apology for the bullying they had reportedly suffered, the post has since been deleted.

Naeun’s agency vehemently denied the rumors and stated they were collecting data to sue for defamation.

On July 24, “A” took to an online community with a handwritten apology, revealing that they fabricated the rumors, ‘A’ stated,

“I sincerely apologize to APRIL’s Naeun and fans for causing harm by creating this rumor. Once again, I apologize for causing damage.”

APRIL is scheduled to make a comeback on July 29, due to the rumors, Nauen sat out of the dance practice last night for her own well-being, the comeback hasn’t been delayed.

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Source: (A)

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