Past Video Of Jessi Dissing Former AOA Member Jimin Resurfaced After The Bullying Scandal

Video of Rapper Jessi dissing former AOA member Jimin is going viral as fans speculate if Jessi had known something was up.

Following Mina-Jimin’s bullying controversy, past footage of Jimin spread online and came to light again as fans look at them with new perspective, one of those is a video from Mnet’s survival show “Unpretty rapstar,” during one segment of the show Jessi openly showed dissatisfaction with a decision to keep Jimin’s team while eliminating another one.

Jessi said that choosing Jimin and Kisum’s team over Tymee’s was wrong and made ‘no sense.’ and said,

‘I think Tymee’s team is much better than their (Jimin and Kisum’s) stage. That’s why I think these two unnies being eliminated is big nonsense.’

After looking at the video again, fans wonder if there was something else going on behind the scenes, you can check out the video below:

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