tvN has released the first video teaser of “Record of Youth”!

On July 6, tvN surprised fans by sharing the first ever video teaser of the drama starring Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok. The highly anticipated drama recently announced it was aiming for a premiere in September and it seems that promotional material for the drama is finally coming out.

The drama tells the story of youth working hard to achieve their dreams. The first video teaser gives a glimpse of our main characters and it ends up with Park Bo and Park So Dam facing each other.

Check it out below:

What are your thoughts so far? Will you be watching the drama?

My Personal Thoughts

They started rolling out the promotional material early for this one.

July has just begun and we still have two months to go before the drama airs, I can already tell they’ll work hard to promote this drama.

I don’t have high expectations per se but I find the premise promising. It can go either way but I hope it turns out well.

I say this because the screenwriter behind this drama has done okay dramas in the past in my opinion. Her stories were warm but had many clichés and drawn out scenes, and it always ran for too long.

The teasers rolling out this early could end up building even higher expectations from netizens. I hope the drama turns out to be good enough for the amount of time and money they’ll use to promote it.


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