NCT Ten Becomes One Of The Few Idols Who Publicly Showed Support For The LGBT+ Community, Here Is What He Said

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NCT Ten has been getting a lot of praise for his kind words to the LGBT+ community.

Recently, Ten took part in many fan sign video events with fans, one fan asked him if he had any message to his fans who are a part of the LGBT community, Ten said,

“I want you to be yourself, love, we are all the same, we are all humans, we’re the same. So love yourself, don’t try to change yourself, just be you and that’s enough. If you’re happy with yourself, that’s like everything, if you’re happy with yourself, that’s enough.”

A video of the sweet interaction was posted to twitter by the fan himself and has gone viral with more than 500K views.

Kpop idols rarely publicly show support for the LGBT+ community, Ten has become one of the few idols who have publicly shown their support for their fans who are part of the community.

Ten has been getting a lot of praise for kind words.

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