“Music Bank” Apologizes For Mistakenly Giving An Award To BLACKPINK Instead Of EXO-SC


KBS’s “Music Bank” has issued an apology and correction regarding the ranking of its most recent episode.

The episode that attracted attention aired on July 24, BLACKPINK took home an award that day but it turns out that EXO-SC was supposed to be the winner of instead.

On July 28, “Music Bank” released an official statement notifying fans that the rankings of the weekly chart on July 24 were miscalculated. They corrected the rankings for the K-charts for the 4th week of July meaning that EXO-SC took the first spot while BLACKPINK took the second spot.

In their statement, they explained that the chart rankings are calculated based on ‘digital streaming, broadcast appearance, viewer preference, and album sales.’ The particular error had occurred for the calculation of the number of times a song was played during KBS programs.

After they realized that they made a mistake, they corrected the rankings.

In their statement, they also apologized,

“We deeply apologize for the confusion we caused to the viewers and the two artists who love ‘Music Bank,’ we will do our best to prevent this from happening again.”

This marks “1 Billion Views” 1st music show win, fans have been trending a hashtag on twitter to celebrate the news.


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