Mnet’s Highly Anticipated Show “Kingdom” Will Not Air This Year, Here Is Why

According to a report by Ilgan Sports, Mnet’s “Kingdom” will not air this year.

The report by the news outlet laid out the reason why Mnet has been facing issues with the highly anticipated show. One of the biggest issues has to be the casting of the idol groups; they have been reportedly struggling to get groups onboard to compete on the show. Added to that, the stages cost a lot of money to produce; the entire show is very costly.

There was also criticism against Mnet because TOO were announced as competitors on “Road to Kingdom” going against some other groups such as Pentagon who has been around for five years. TOO was formed through another Mnet idol show.

“Road to Kingdom” had also failed to gain the same level of attention as “Queendom” according to the report.

Shortly after that report was published, a source from Mnet confirmed to news outlets that “Kingdom” will not air this year. The producers are having discussions about how to showcase the show in a different structure but for now, the show will not happen in 2020.

Mnet’s lineup for their shows for the second half of 2020 include ‘I-LAND‘ Part 2, ‘CAP-TEEN,’ and ‘Show Me the Money 9.’

The Boyz, who are the winners of “Road to Kingdom,” will compete on “Kingdom” while the rest of the lineup is yet to be confirmed.

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