Lee Joon Gi’s Upcoming Drama “Flower Of Evil” Abruptly Delays Premiere Date + New Teaser Revealed

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“Flower Of Evil” will not premiere on July 22 as previously stated!

The highly anticipated tvN drama has announced that the premiere date will be pushed back to July 29 instead of July 22.

“Flower of Evil” is a thriller that tells the story of a man (played by Lee Joon Gi) who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won).

Cha Ji Won grows suspicious of her husband and the couple is forced to face the dark reality they never wanted to face.

tvN has also blessed fans with a new video teaser, check it out below:

Are you excited about the upcoming drama?

My Personal Thoughts

I am honestly super excited about “Flower of Evil” and I have high high expectations!

I am sad the premiere date has been delayed but if it means that the drama will have more time to edit and perfect scenes then I don’t mind. I hope the staff is also getting treated properly.

“Flower of Evil” has a very intriguing plot for a kdrama, because usually, leading men in kdramaland albeit being a bit rude, are never portrayed as ‘evil’ or ‘manipulative’ intentionally. Those roles are reserved to the 2nd or 3rd leading man in the drama if not a supporting role.

This is why the drama intrigues me, I have checked out the video teasers and it looks like we’re in for a ride. I want to see Lee Joon Gi play the bad guy role and I hope we’re not being tricked into believing he’s a bad character when he’s not.

Can’t wait for it!

By Hilda Moore

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