Lee Hyori And YoonA Face Heavy Backlash For Going Live On Instagram In A Karaoke Amid The Ongoing Pandemic, Both Write Apology Letters

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Lee Hyori and YoonA were both under fire for a recent live broadcast!

On July 1, Lee Hyori surprised fans by going live on instagram with YoonA, they were handing out together at a karaoke place. When fans pointed out that they weren’t wearing masks, Hyori put on a mask during the live while YoonA told fans that they had come in wearing them.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the news, some of them heavily criticized both idols for not abiding by social distancing measures during the ongoing pandemic, other netizens defended the idols arguing that South Korea has been handling the pandemic well and many other people are already doing the same thing.

On July 2 mornings, Lee Hyori took to instagram to issue a public apology, she stated,

“Hello, this is Lee Hyori.

I am currently deeply repenting on the fact that my behavior last night was no appropriate for a time when I should have been more cautious.

I’ve been too excited these days, so I wasn’t able to think about my actions deeply.

As an unnie, I feel sorry for YoonA. In the future, I will be more careful and cautious in the future. I apologize once again.”

YoonA also similarly shared a handwritten apology letter echoing what Hyori had said, she apologized a couple of times stating that she ‘had a lapse in judgment,’ and promised to act more carefully in the future.

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