Is iHeartRadio Taking Advantage Of BTS Without Giving Them Enough Airplay? Why ARMY Became Angry


The recent announcement by iHeartRadio has stirred a discussion among BTS fans.

On July 20, Variety reported that iHeartRadio will hold its annual music festival show virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. All the artists will be taping in Los Angeles and Nashville. BTS is among the lineup which includes Coldplay, Kane Brown with Khalid, Keith Urban, Migos, Miley Cyrus, Thomas Rhett, Usher and many many more.

The acts are set to perform on September 18 and 19. While fans were happy to see BTS performing again, they had an issue with iHeartRadio. Fans believe that iHeartRadio is using BTS for clout without giving them enough airplay; BTS previously attended many events and on-air interviews for iHeartRadio.

While fans continue to demand that they play BTS music on their radio, it doesn’t happen as often or the way fans like it.

Fans are pointing out that when BTS songs are played they’re usually collab song with English speaking artists. On a tweet by iHeartRadio’s official twitter accounts, fans pointed out why they believe iHeartRadio is using BTS for clout.

What do you think of this?


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