Indian News Channel Calls BLACKPINK ‘Chinese Strippers,’ Then Calls It ‘ A Technical Error’


An Indian News channel called ‘News NationTV’ recently aired a segment scrutinizing the Chinese government and it somehow ended up including BLACKPINK.

During the segment, they displayed a clip of a BLACKPINK live performance and called them ‘Chinese strippers.’ As you’d expect, BLINKs were furious. For starters, BLACKPINK members aren’t even Chinese but Korean. BLINKs from all around the world condemned their actions; soon many fans began demanding an apology from the News channel.

BLACKPINK Indian fanbase account on twitter posted about the news clip and heavily criticized the channel, the official news channel commented on their post drawing even more criticism, they labeled their mistake a ‘technical error,’

Later, the show producer tweeted about it apologizing for the error and stating they have removed it, however, fans are still angry and want the channel to publicly apologize for airing misinformation and for objectifying BLACKPINK calling them ugly names on national TV.

Fans have also been emailing YG about the issue hoping they’d take strict legal action against the channel.

What do you think of this issue?


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