Han Seo Hee Tests Positive For Drugs While On Probation, Currently in Police Custody


It’s been reported that Han Seo Hee tested positive for illegal drugs.

On July 10, one Korean news outlet reported that the SNS personality tested positive for drugs while on probation for the illegal drug use in 2017.

She was sentenced to four years’ probation in September of 2017 for smoking marijuana with BIGBANG member TOP. If she breaks the law again and is caught with drugs in her system, she could face up to three years in prison.

The Ministry of Justice can ask those who are on probation to submit to random drug test at least once a month; Han Seo Hee received positive test results on July 8.

This means that she can face charges this time and could end up in prison. Due to the fact that this marks her second offense while on probation, her case will be investigated by the prosecution again.  

A city government official told news outlet that the drug offenders get randomly tested for drugs during their probation period and since the test results came out positive, ‘a prosecution investigation is inevitable.’


In another report published by STAR News, a Justice Ministry official revealed that Han Seo Hee is currently in police custody in a related facility.

It was also revealed that the probation office has applied to cancel her suspended sentence. It is unknown what sentence she’ll receive now but the official stated that action will be taken in accordance with the court ruling.

Since the news came out, Han Seo Hee private her instagram account.

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