GOT7 Yugyeom Knows About Fans Truck Protest In Front Of JYP Building, Here Is What He Said

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GOT7 Yugyeom learned of the truck fans had sent to JYP and his response is making fans happy!

Two days ago, fans sent a protest truck to JYP’s headquarters demanding better treatment of GOT7 members; they had listed their demands on the screen in front of JYP’s building for all to see.

On the same day, Yugyeom went live on V Live to talk to fans and during the broadcast, he mentioned the protest truck. With a smile on his face, he said,

“I saw the truck everyone, I saw the truck. Thank you very much.”

Check out the video below:

Fans managed to capture the exact moment he spoke about the truck, but if you try to access the video on V Live a message will appear that says the video is either not published or restricted. Fans didn’t react nicely to that but continue to spread the video where Yugyeom talked about the truck with fans.

JYP hasn’t responded to fans’ demands yet but they’re not stopping. They continue to trend #FairTreatmentForGOT7.

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