Goo Hara’s Mother Claims She Was Close To Her Daughter Prior To Her Passing, Fans Livid

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Goo Hara’s Mother recent claims have infuriated fans all around the world.

In case you don’t missed it, Goo Hara’s mother has been in the news for a while now after Hara’s brother filed a lawsuit against their estranged mother when she tried to claim the inheritance to her daughter assets, the brother has been advocating changing the laws around inheritance to exclude parents who aren’t present in their children life.

Goo hara’s brother had previously released heartbreaking details about how they were abandoned by their mother at a young age and how much it affected Hara’s life. The brother even claimed that the mother made a scene at her daughter’s funeral regarding the inheritance.

JTBC‘s “Lee Kyu Yeon’s Spotlight” managed to score an interview with Hara’s biological mother and their conversation with the mother has gained attention.

The mother claims that she and her daughter shared ‘maternal love’ that the rest of the family is unaware of. The mother goes on to claim that the news is portraying her falsely and asks them to stop making ‘ridiculous claims.’

Goo Hara passed away in November of 2019, and her brother has been fighting to prevent their mother from getting the inheritance. You can watch the interview here.

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