French Media Outlet Under Fire For Comparing BLACKPINK To TWICE And Making Fun Of TWICE

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French Media Outlet M6 is under fire by Kpop fans for a recent report they had done on BLACKPINK!

The French TV channel is one of the biggest in the country, and on June 9, they aired a short clip about BLACKPINK, listing their achievements with their most recent comeback “How You Like That.”

Kpop fans were initially excited about the report but when they watched it till the end, their feelings changed. Some fans were upset about how M6 covered TWICE and compared them to BLACKPINK.

They labeled TWICE a standard group for their cute concept, and said they all looked the same and that 9 members is a lot. This triggered many ONCEs who didn’t like how TWICE was portrayed on French TV.

The clip was covered by Korean news outlets as well. Fans have been demanding a response from M6 and even trended the hashtag #M6ApologizetoTwice. You can see the clip below:

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What do you think of this controversy?

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