Former AOA Member Mina Worries Fans With A Cryptic Instagram Post, Who Is She Referring To?

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Former AOA member Mina recent instagram post has sparked debate among fans about its possible meaning.

It’s been some time since the Jimin bullying controversy, since then, Mina seemed to have moved on and returned to uploading lighthearted Instagram posts about her daily life, she uploaded many ones that had positive captions and fans were happy to see her doing better. She had vowed to get treatment and work on herself.

However, one recent post has sparked interest and debate about what she could’ve possibly meant.

On July 21, she posted a photo of herself on a bed and captioned,

“Don’t trust anyone.”

This got fans worried; does it mean more is coming? Will someone try to harm Mina or taint her reputation? In response, fans showed their support leaving many positive messages such as,

You look beautiful.

Cheer up, we love you.

Mina cheer up and take care of your health

and many many more.

What do you think she meant by her post?

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