Former AOA Member ChoA social media activities have gained attention after the news of now-former AOA member Jimin bullying controversy.

While looking through ChoA’s instagram account, fans noticed that she’s following every AOA member but Jimin. This led to many heated discussions about why ChoA departed the group in 2017.

ChoA had previously announced that she’s leaving AOA in 2017 due to depression and insomnia. The news shocked AOA fans all around the world, ChoA used to be one of most well-known members in her group and her departure didn’t go unnoticed.

The same goes for former AOA member Mina, she’s also following every AOA member but Jimin on instagram.

This led to fans speculating that ChoA might’ve also been a victim of Jimin’s behavior, however, ChoA didn’t personally comment on this.

In related news, FNC recently announced that Jimin has quit AOA and the entertainment industry. The agency and Jimin are still under fire for the bullying controversy.

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