Fans Deeply Concerned After Seeing Former AOA Member Mina’s Scars On Her Wrist


AOA Member Mina worried her fans with her recent instagram update!

Mina has been regularly updating her fans on her daily activities through instagram assuring them she was okay, she previously promised to get treated and greet fans when she’s better following the bullying controversy.

On July 22, Mina posted a couple of times on Instagram and one of those posts gained attention because of one photo. In that photo, Mina is holding her lips together and the scars on her wrist were visible.

Mina has previously admitted that she attempted to take her own life due to the bullying she suffered on the hands of former AOA member Jimin, she also told fans she attempted to get treatment for those scars.

After seeing the post, fans showered her with positive messages with many languages including Korean, English, Japanese and many more, here are some of their comments,  

We love you.

please take care

you look beautiful

I am proud of you

Unnie, always be happy

You can check out her post here.

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