Charlie Puth Snaps Back At BTS Fans ‘Toxic Dangerous Behavior’ For Accusing Him Of Using BTS For Clout


American singer Charlie Puth has something to say to BTS fans and its getting mixed responses!

The singer opened up about receiving terrible hate from ARMY, he tweeted about fandoms sending him ‘nasty’ messages, at first, fans weren’t aware of whom he had been addressing but it became clear after he tweeted more about it.

He called out fans who accused him of using BTS for clout; he denied the rumors and said,

He says that the terrible hate messages he’s been receiving would’ve hurt him if it were said 10 years ago, he talked about how much he fears this generation seeing such terrible hate online on daily basis.

He affirms that people need to focus on being there for each other at such times more than ever.

However, the tweets received mixed reactions from fans, some thought he was right and that a certain part of the fandom should be called out, while others thought he’s trying to use BTS for clout again to promote his upcoming song that he plans on releasing soon.

However, one ARMY on twitter has found the source of the hate. One tik tok user recently made a video about Charlie using BTS for clout; this caused so many fans to head over to Charlie social media posts where they spammed the comment section with ‘remember when you used BTS and/or Jungkook For clout?’

Many fans now believe this is the reason why Charlie Puth was speaking up about this.   

Charlie Puth had previously worked with BTS, he performed his hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Jungkook at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards back in 2018. He spoke about his love and admiration for the boys in many interviews in the past as well.

Jungkook is also known for being a huge fan of Charlie Puth.

What do you think of this issue?


  1. Sometimes because you think something, it does not give you the right to say it . You hurt Charlie and Bts, and probably humiliated them.


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